Our Services

Custom Bag Manufacturing - We work closely with our bag clients to bring each product to market. From promotional to high-end retail bags, from concept to delivery, we can help with every step. Some of our clients begin with an idea, some with a sketch, and some with a sample. Wherever you are in the process, we have the resources to take you to your desired end - a finished, salable product at the price point you want, all manufactured in our family owned, ISO9001 certified factory.

Injection Molding - Unix's injection molding plants in Taiwan and China offer over forty years of expertise in injection molding and mold-making. Our engineers are well-versed in the latest design and mold-making software, high-tech, recyclable materials, and clean-room manufacturing standards. We adhere to strict manufacturing practices throughout production and are ISO9001 certified.

Global Sourcing - Our many years of experience and wide range of contacts allow us unique access to global supply sources. If Unix does not produce the item, we can match our client with the manufacturer that does and handle all aspects of the transaction. We work beyond the borders of time, distance and language to assist our clients with development, sampling, production and delivery. We provide the convenience of working with a US company while receiving the cost benefits of producing overseas.

In addition to understanding our clients, we take a proactive approach to our business relationship by offering special capabilities in key areas listed below.

Product Development - As the market grows more diverse, it is increasingly important to offer the right product at the right time. Unix is set up to help. We develop product concepts, execute designs and produce samples, at the drop of a hat, in the language of our clients.

Rapid Execution - In addition to developing product, we deliver quickly. We pride ourselves on the ability to meet impossible deadlines.

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Logistics & Production Coordination - Many of our clients juggle multiple orders simultaneously. Keeping track of quantities, ship dates and documentation can be daunting. At Unix we have developed a logistics and production coordination system that enables us to track all orders seamlessly for our clients.